Horses of the Past

Since I was so young when I started riding and since my parents live in a box, I don't have a lot of hard copies of my pictures- plus my parents hated that I rode horses, mostly because they thought I was gonna die. 
The first horse I really learned to ride on was Shadow. He was a tiny, ugly as shit pony who I loved more than anything in the entire world. Shadow used to bite when he was in his stall, bite when you put on his girth, bite when you stood next to him, bite when you looked at him, bite where you were near him... pretty much just constantly trying to take a chunk out of my future sexy ass. 
Then there was A.J. AKA Chunky Monkey- he was the horse I learned to jump on and he was also the horse I learned to fall on. He was awesome. 

He recently went blind, and is still happily living in upstate New York, teaching beginners on the lunge line. 
Then came both Hickory (left) and Scooby (right). I loved both of them, however Scooby continued to be my companion for just about everything for the next six years. I would ride him at least once a week, sometimes just bareback in the pasture, until I outgrew him and my trainer decided that I was better suited for more advanced horses.. 

Mistri, was my occasional jumper mare. We killed it, all of it, killed all of the things. She was amazing, jumped everything and ran her heart out. She was hard to ride but one of the most rewarding horses I've ever had to privilege of riding. 

Meet Rita, she's so cute. She is probably the comfiest horse I've ever ridden, she also wins EVERY hunter class, all of them, every one.

Sisu! So heavy on the forehand, such a great jumper...And.. Sisu's best friend...

Then came my dear baby Snuggles. He was mean, soooo mean, because he as abused. Once you got to know him, he loved you. So clingy, so cute, so brave. I loved him, he used to only eat grain out of the bucket if I held it.

Insert Cassanova picture here....
In Missouri now....
Jack Jack Baby! So cute, little cute Trakehner gelding, so cute. Best hunter baby. 

Frank, this was everyday.

Rampart, afraid of blue...

Parker, cute dressage prospect, very sweet, very silly. 

Houston! Retard baby, so great. Jumps huge. Miss him.

Linaro, the only non baby I rode. So badass, so talented. 

Lucas! One of the trainers babies. Soooooooooooooo precious. 

Fassa! I have a million pictures of her doing just about anything. I'll spare you the torture...

ZIA! 22 year old lesson horse. So cute. So comfy. Has moments...

HOSS! Got put down for injuring riders...

Wizard! Just helping retrain him- OTTB

MACK! My saddleseat friend.

Delaney! Possible lease, didn't work out, her owner was cray cray. 

Devon! My Stephen's College Advanced Huntseat buddy. He has ghosts in the arena, spooks randomly, loves jumping. 

And a million more, literally, one million. Probably not. 

*insert Yankee into my life here*

All of these horses meant something. I take something out of every horse I ride, I learn on everything, even if the horse is 22 and doesn't jump height, or if the horse is 5 and can only trot. They all teach me. 

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